Can ‘Marketing’ Contribute to Revenue Generation?

Unfortunately, it is still a widely-held belief that marketing departments in professional services firms are cost centres - a group of people who put on events and make documents looks pretty. How do we shift this mindset? First, let’s dispel the myth, perpetuated by many, that marketing and business development is the same thing. It’s not. As I have mentioned elsewhere, marketing is responsible for creating, refining and communicating the message and promoting [...]

Implementing a Client-Centric Strategy

Shari Robinson and Samantha Graveney were recently published in SLAW, Canada's online legal magazine. Their article provides for ways in which firms can execute on a client-centric strategy.   My colleague Shari Robinson and I met for coffee recently and, inevitably, we spent some time talking shop about client and business development efforts in law firms. Shari always brings a pragmatic and enthusiastic perspective to the discussion, drawing upon her sales background and [...]

Succession Planning – Focus on Clients

I've heard both sides of the retirement argument: mandatory and elective. It's a tough call for professional services firms. However, whether your firm has mandatory or elective retirement, the biggest risk to a firm’s bottom line is succession planning and specifically, transitioning clients. Oftentimes, due to the success of a firm and the longevity of client relationships, succession planning has been avoided. In fact, to mitigate risk, succession planning should be even more [...]

Customer Loyalty 101

We hear a lot about creating customer loyalty these days. This should not be a complicated concept, but for it to truly succeed requires a company to have a “client-first” strategy. Now, as an aside, I am assuming your firm already produces a superior work product. However, delivering a top-notch work product is not enough. Competitive, economic and other factors require a company to be increasingly creative and focused on differentiating themselves. Having [...]

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