Our Services

Our knowledge and experience has yielded a wide range of tools to help establish a solid client service and business development framework which have allowed us to generate revenue and save costs for our clients. We bring world-class expertise in the areas of strategy & planning and marketing execution to produce measurable and quantifiable results for your business. Specifically, Client Development Strategies uses client-centric marketing and business development best practices, identifying processes and procedures that align with your organizational goals.

1. Strategy & Planning

A selection of our services includes:

  • Client Identification, Prioritization and Key Account Planning: Who are your trying to reach? Why? How are you trying to reach them?
  • Establishment of World-Class Relationship Benchmarks and Processes: What processes need to be implemented to create a sustainable relationship development program for an industry or market? How is success defined? What kind of debrief and follow-up is done after losing an RFP?
  • Market/Industry Growth Strategies: Creating a plan to grow a market or industry segment.
  • Development of a Robust Client Feedback Program: Designed to obtain objective third party feedback and increase awareness of your services. It provides for a deeper understanding of your client’s business and industry issues, thus enhancing the value and service levels that you provide, creating client loyalty.
  • Development of a Client-Focused Business Strategy.
  • Effective Client Interactions: What is it? A good discussion, call or meeting with a client or prospect leading to a next step in the relationship. Our effective client interaction approach demonstrates that developing a point of view (the value proposition) before an interaction and listening, learning and leveraging during the interaction are equally important in ensuring a positive meeting outcome.
  • Project Specific Go-To-Market Strategy.
  • Creation of Value Propositions.
  • Pursuit Coaching and Process Implementation to Support Sales Excellence: Do you have a sales process in place? Is it successful? How do you prepare for a large pursuit? Who coaches through the process? Does your current strategy work?
  • Build a Referral or Strategic Partnerships Program: Development of an organized process in which referral sources are rewarded for referring business.

2. Marketing Execution

Is your marketing staff overworked? Are you lacking expertise in a particular area? Does your team need a training boost? Do you need temporary access to higher quality talent?

A selection of our services includes:

  • Business Development Coaching: Designed to enhance an employee’s or group’s current capabilities to develop new business and to strengthen client relationships.
  • Group Business Development Planning: What are your short, medium and long-term goals? Half-day, day or two-day planning workshops.
  • Internal Team Training: Processes and training designed to enable marketing and business development professionals to support client-facing partners in a more proactive and client-centred way.
  • Day-to-Day Marketing Operations on a Part-Time Basis.
  • Temporary Departmental Leave.

Marketing and Business Development. Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably and sometimes they overlap. To provide some clarification, a marketing department is responsible for creating, refining and communicating the message and promoting the brand. Who are you trying to reach and why? Event development and promotion, promotional materials, website messaging and proposals are typically the responsibility of this group. Business development is more closely connected to clients and other referral sources.

Business development typically begins after a marketing plan is in place, although it is important for the two teams to work in tandem, particularly on things like client and market targeting and messaging. A business development department develops the strategy around forming strategic relationships with referrals sources, clients and other professional contacts to bring in new clients. This may also include developing new markets in different geographical areas, developing prospect and referral lists and the follow up to marketing campaigns.

Client Development Strategies has expertise in both areas to develop best practices that are suitable for your business.

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